.... and because we liked this image so much,

it made it on the cover of our first online magazine.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through the pages online!

This magazine was Vanessa's idea and it is a way for us to stay

in touch with you and share what we are doing and thinking.


With all best wishes for the new year from both of us,

Vanessa Paschakarnis and John Greer!


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Fall colours...

The Sirens' Calling, 2020

Do the trees not look like fire? What a wonderful impression this colourful effect behind the stainless steel sculpture that appears to be almost ghostly black and white in front of this colourful backdrop. John Greer's sculpture is the South element of this four part sculptural work installed in Halifax, NS Canada.

The Siren's Calling, 2020 is a private commission for a public space, the Queen's Marque in Halifax, NS Canada.

Here are a few first images of the installation. The Unveiling and then public access will be in the spring of 2021.

Artist John Greer. Project Realization Intercontinental Sculpture. Project Management Vanessa Paschakarnis.

All images in this slide show below are by the photographer Raoul Manuel Schnell.



We are getting excited about the installation of "Sirens' Calling" at Queen's Marque in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!



Working with our stone fabricator Mauro Marmi snc. in Pietrasanta, LU Italy!




June 13th, 2020: The exhibition on form 20 is now online!

On form is legendary, a biennial exhibition concentrating on sculpture in stone only, usually exhibited over a month at the amazing Asthall Manor near Burford, England in a park like setting. This year 35 artists are featuring hundreds of artworks!

Vanessa is represented with 3 large scale works and three small sculptures. For a limited time these are available to buy through

on form sculpture located at Asthall Manor, England.

Go online and find her work on the official website:

Vanessa Paschakarnis at on form 20 online!

... or find some info on her website at

sculpture by vanessa at on form 20.


Please contact us or on form directly if you are interested in acquiring these artworks.



Visit at our stone fabricator in Pietrasanta, Italy. Mauro Marmi has done a wonderful job in fabricating the monolithic bases out of a beautiful black granite for the sculpture at the Queen's Marque in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!

See below a few images of the casting of the stainless steel components at Polich Tallix foundry in upstate New York.



We are excited to announce that we have been working on some exciting new projects.


John Greer is placing a new

large-scale public art installation

in a new development at the

waterfront in Halifax harbour, NS Canada: Queen's Marque .

Installation is set to be late summer 2020.





John and Vanessa are busy planning their personal studio in Pietrasanta, Italy. Here they are able to create work in the vicinity of the unique infrastructure of the Italian marble world and the multitude of art foundries just at their doorstep.

They are in the process of making their new apartment part of Studio Paradiso.


John Greer added a major sculpture

to a private art collection in Virgina, USA.

The St. Bride's Farm Sculpture Collection

is an mindblowing showcase of contemporary sculpture

in the rolling hills of the Virgina landscape.

John is excited to be part of this

selected group of artists

with his sculpture "Siren's Echo".


More images will follow.

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