on form 18 - June 10th - July 8th, 2018

John Greer and Vanessa Paschakarnis are taking part in this large group exhibition at Asthall Manor, Burford, Oxfordshire in England, featuring 40 artists that are exhibiting sculpture exclusively in the medium stone. 

For more information of the exhibition please go to: www.onformsculpture.co.uk 

and for the respective artist pages please go to: 

John Greer at on form 18

Vanessa Paschakarnis at on form 18

Below to the left: Balanced by John Greer, top right: Falena by Vanessa Paschakarnis, bottom right: Capricornos 1 + 2 

Newly refurbished: Canadian Aid Worker's Monument: Reflection, 2001 by John Greer

This monument was designed and realized by John Greer for the Canadian Aid Workers that wer killed abroad. It is recogdnized and celebrated as one of the few places in Ottawa where a monument celebrates piece, not war. It is a place of reflection and silence. More images will follow.

The monument is located on Sussex Drive in close vicinity to the French Embassy and the Rideau Falls. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

It is part of the National Capitol Collection.

Award of Merit: Public Places and Civic Spaces for the  Canadian Building Trades Monument

The Canadian Building Trades Monument is a permanent public art installation located on a 100m² site in Major’s Hill Park, Ottawa, ON. The monument honours and celebrates the men and women who build Canada every day and commemorates the losses they have endured in the workplace. It was unveiled on May 16, 2017 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The monument consists of a public plaza, sculptural and topographical elements, engraved benches, lighting and a commemorative plaque. Its most prominent feature is a pair of oversized plumb bobs made of Cambrian black granite and mounted on stainless steel pins. Plumb bobs have been used as tools in construction projects since ancient times and here they symbolize the intersection of earthly gravity and human ingenuity.

Project Team

  • John Greer; Intercontinental Sculpture Inc.
  • Duncan Patterson; MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Ltd.
  • Annie Hillis; Annie Hillis Consulting
  • Dorota Grudniewicz; National Capital Commission
  • Canada's Building Trades Unions; Project Owner / Developer

Jury Comments

The elegant shape used in the installation is human scaled and is like a tool. The project is thoughtfully detailed, contemporary and provides simplicity of a special idea that is open to interpretation. It creates a destination along a key route.

Unveiling of "The Rule of Law is a Reflection of Us All" -

"La primauté du droit est un reflet de nous tous" on October 24th, 2017

John greer adds new sculpture to the McMurtry Gardens of Justiceni Toronto, Ontario Canada! 

The Sculpture Garden is located between Osgoode Hall and the Courthouse, the west side of Nathan Phillips Square.

Unveiling of the Canadian Building Trades Monument

on May 16th, 2017 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

Duncan Patterson, architect with Brian MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple, John Greer, artist, Intercontinental Sculpture Inc., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Vanessa Paschakarnis, artist / project manager Intercontinental Sculpture Inc. on the day of the unveiling. 

 John Greer & Brian MacKay-Lyons win competition to build Canadian Building Trades Unions Monument in Ottawa!    Announced in early 2016


Design for Canadian Building Trades Monument / Photo Rendering courtesy MLS Architects
Visualization for Canadian Building Trades Monument designed by John Greer and Brian MacKay-Lyons
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