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John with two workers, proofing "Die Sirenen" at Polich Tallix foundry in Rock Tavern, NY USA, 2011.


Vanessa waiting for part of her sculpture "Gate" to be cast at LIFE foundry in Lunenburg, NS Canada, 2013.


John Greer, Daniza Garbati, Vanessa Paschakarnis and Mauro Fracassini:

John Greer and Finbarr Sheehan with Crew:

CNC cutting on a lathe in Quebec, QC, Canada: Cambrian Black Granite.

John Greer looking at parts of his work for the McMurtry Gardens of Justice in the

production hall of Mauro Marmi in Pietrasanta, Italy. 

Loading a container at Mauro Marmi, Pietrasanta (LU), Italy 2014
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